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The Volcano Etna

An always active sleeper

600,000 years ago a giant woke up: many years have passed since the first activities of the highest volcano in Europe, today one of the best known and recognized symbols of Sicily and Catania in particular. A giant who has not failed, in the most recent history, to cause problems and disasters with incredibly vast eruptions that repeatedly destroyed the beautiful Catania over the centuries. Yet the charm of Etna is irresistible and unique, not only for the sublime and frightful spectacle of its lava puffs, but also for the unmistakable landscape that grows on its slopes, for the delicacy and high quality of the fruits of its land, and for the enchanting countries that stand placidly clinging to its slopes. Heading towards the Etna hinterland means immersing yourself in the undulating peaks of the Nebrodi, resting your hearing and the view from the chaos of the city and listening only to the sounds of nature, relaxing your eyes with the colors of the earth, the sky, the trees and the fields cultivated. And there, the giant.

There are many inhabited centers to be discovered during the visit to Etna: from Randazzo to Floresta (the highest town in Sicily), quiet villages guarding timeless traditions, legends, ancient and delicious recipes, customs and stories. Small centers connected to each other by the CircumEtnea, the railway that, connecting Catania to Riposto, completes the circumnavigation of Etna by touching several piedmont centers. With a ticket from CircumEtnea, your visit to Mount Etna will be complete: you can visit small villages and their wonders - museums, monuments, historical religious buildings, but also, very simply, the narrow lanes that wind through the old houses - and discover the exquisite fruits of these lands, according to the typical preparations of the area, to know the history and the secrets of this fascinating area of Sicily and of this imposing giant. From the pistachios of Bronte to the Royal Palace of Randazzo, from sausages with wild fennel to the exquisite wines made from the native vines of the whole area ... and then almond paste, a delicate and delicious honey, different varieties of excellent mushrooms, olives and more. A lively and vital land, thriving and full of secrets: to be discovered.